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It was a textbook example of what not to do.  Do not start a squabble with a constituent.  Just leave certain things alone, especially when you know you are vulnerable. The MP for West Grand Bahama committed that error on 16 February 2021, when Jackson Cooper, a resident and voter of Grand Bahama asked the dear lady what had she done to deserve re-election. Her answer was dismissive. “ Enough,” she said, “ to ensure the PLP never sees it again”.

This is coming now from a lady who has by all accounts been the most useless MP that West Grand Bahama and Bimini have ever seen.

Enter the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell in a voice note to supporters on 17 February 2021 to say that the comment was strange coming from a lady who only two weeks before was asking to join the PLP.

That comment incensed the lady and she issued a statement that same day saying that what Mr. Mitchell said was a lie. Then began the back and forth.

Mr. Mitchell replied by tweet that this was very strange since she was at the airport for the departure of the Leader of the PLP Philip Davis on 6 February 2021. The allegation is that sitting in the car of an intermediary, she sent a message asking the Leader of the PLP for two weeks to give him her decision.

Since that time, she has been doubling down with one fantasy untruth after the next as details come out about what actually happened.

We find this whole thing amusing. People who are somehow fascinated with gossip and not policy were all in a frenzy about whether Fred Mitchell was speaking the truth or not. Matters not what they think.

The facts are incontrovertible. Pakiesha Parker Edgecombe, MP for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, wanted to join the PLP, even as she was hoping and trying to get renominated for the FNM.  Having gotten the FNM nomination, she has developed amnesia of all the things that she desired two weeks ago.