Horror Story Over BAHAMAR Cancellation

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cialis usa patient times;”>Bahamar’s failure to open on time has led to some pretty awful consequences.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie was said to have been in meetings all week trying to get the matter resolved of who will pay who what and when so that the hotel can be opened.  In the meantime the 3 billion dollars US project is an embarrassment to the nation.   The Chinese  government and the financiers must be mortified that this that was supposed to be a signature project is now bogged down in a silly public you say and I say.  There is only one person to blame for this and that is Sarkis Ismerlian. He has engaged in one public row after the next over this.  The latest is that the people who were hired in anticipation of the opening and now have nothing to do are to be lent to Urban Renewal to help clean up the island.  Imagine that now.  You left your good job for what you thought was a step up in life and a step up in salary only to now clean yards.  Not bad in itself and good for the country but not what one would have expected.  So the lives of a lot of young people are on hold.  Then there is the man who reported to The Tribune that his wedding plans were ruined by  Bahamar when they failed to open and  he is unable to be properly compensated for it. He says the only way he will return to The Bahamas is to see the ruins of Bahamar.  We know the feeling.  But according to Mr. Ismerlian the delay is  the contractor’s fault.  So we hope that helps this man and his pain and suffering.  We agree with the Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe, viagra usa however, this project is too big to fail.