How Not To Fix A Road

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This was the scene all last week on the Eastern Road that hugs the Montagu Foreshore.  They were repaving the Eastern Road.  The inconvenience and inconsiderate actions by the Ministry of Works were in evidence for all to see.  Why said a school principal would you choose to begin paving the road and closing the road for ten days when school had been closed the ten days before? Could you not have figured that the traffic would be lighter during the closure of schools and do the work then?  Worse still they gave no indication that roads were being paved until you got right up on your usual turning point, only to find out that you had to make a 180 degree turn and go back from whence you came.  People complained that half an hour journeys took an hour and a half.  Some people along the Eastern Road had to get out of their cars and walk home. The Bahamas. Go figure.  NO explanation.  No apology.