Immigration Responds To Fred Smith’s Claims Of Success

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viagra sales viagra sale times;”>Fred Smith who is engaged in a strategy to bankrupt the government by overwhelming it with law suits issued a statement about the outcome a case which was wild with exaggeration as usual.  Here is the response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

viagra buy for sale times;”>Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
On The Case of Meldor vs. the Minister for Immigration

13th November 2015

The press reported yesterday an interlocutory ruling in the case Meldor vs. the Minister for Immigration that an order has been made for disclosure by the Courts with regard to the policy on immigration that was implemented on 1st November 2014.

This is not a decision on the substantive matters raised in the application of the applicant. It relates only to an order to reveal the internal and confidential papers of the file relating to the policy.

The decision in the matter is being appealed by the Minister.

We will keep the public informed.