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We were surprised to find that the FNM was embracing of Phenton Neymour in death.  Mr Neymour, former Minister of the Government, died in Nassau on 23rd August at the age of 53. He had basically had it with the FNM at the time of his death. Positioning himself to make another political leap of faith. Alas death intervened. But before the jaws of death could get him, the FNM captured him and made him one of their own.  The only one to let the genie out the bottle was the former Prime Minister who spoke at Mr. Neymour’s funeral and reminded the FNM of their dirty deeds toward the man.  The people say the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis didn’t show up to the funeral. Here is Mr. Ingraham in his own words at the funeral at Christ Church Cathedral 2 August:

“Two thousand and twelve brought Phenton’s political career to an end; sadly an end to his systematic, passionate involvement in the development and implementation of public policy.

“He then sought to become chairman of his party, the FNM, but that effort did not succeed.

“…He sought later to become a candidate for re-election into the House of Assembly, but in that too he was rebuffed.”

“Sadly and dishearteningly after his political defeat in 2012, Phenton, a chemical and environmental engineer from very good schools [who] did an MBA, could not find full-time employment in this country he had served so faithful.

“That was the unkindest cut of all. That saddened me greatly.

“As a result, I believe The Bahamas was the loser.

“It is difficult not to become overcome by emotion as I bid final goodbye to Phenton, a leader who gave so much and had so much more to offer.”