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Uh oh, the rift between the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and the now Prime Minister Hubert Minnis seems to have widened. In a letter to the Editor, published on 21 December 2020, Mr. Ingraham laid into the FNM Government because he said that the FNM was supporting a fisheries bill which was discriminatory against Bahamian women. That wasn’t the part that attracted us though.  He went on to say this:

“Peter Turnquest, like a goodly number of others now or recently in the Cabinet of the government of The Bahamas, entered frontline politics as captain’s picks in the Australian sense.

“I am satisfied that Peter Turnquest, who, like Duane Sands and others whose names I choose not to record, represent our core values, and while no longer around the table, will continue to have their voices heard.”

This seems to confirm the view that many people have that there is a split within the FNM. We keep watching.