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Hubert Ingraham, former Prime Minister, with his choices for the Senate Duane Sands and Monique Gomez.

Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, is now the suspect puppet master behind the puppets.  The announcement that Duane Sands and Loretta Butter Turner were to run as a team against Hubert Minnis for the leadership of the FNM was greeted with incredulity.  No one for a minute believes that this is the ticket that will lead the FNM.  The clear thought is that this is a stalking horse for Mr. Ingraham.  Mrs. Butler Turner will simply move aside and allow Mr. Ingraham to take over. This was fed by the fact that Mr. Ingraham showed up at the Senate for the swearing in of Dr. Sands and Monique Gomez and told the press that he had been telling Dr.  Minnis to appoint the two to the Senate for some time.  Things get curiouser and curiouser.  Keep your eye on that man.