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We report the case below of a young woman below who was sentenced to six months in jail for presenting a fraudulent PCR test. This is outrageous.  This is a  terrible situation in this country where magistrates just seem to be out of touch with reality. The test requirement should not exist. This is one country and there should be no reason why you are forced to take such a  test to travel anywhere in this country. The enforcement of this law is unjust.  The Government of the FNM must pay for this. Taking the test is useless and obviously does not stop the  passing of the disease. The young lady should appeal the sentence. The report follows:

Jasmine Pyfrom was headed to Marsh Harbour, Abaco from the Lynden Pindling International Airport on April 7. A mandatory negative PCR test is required for travel.

Although Pyfrom didn’t take a test, she presented a digital result to the COVID-19 ambassador. She was arrested after it was determined to be fraudulent.

Pyfrom told police that her stepdad sent her the fake test. Pyfrom pleaded guilty to possession of a forged document and uttering a forged document at her arraignment.

Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans imposed concurrent sentences of six months on both counts.