Jeff Lloyd Needs To Pay Attention To L W Young

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The Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd announced that he is going to build a new school in the southern district of New Providence.  Surprise! Surprise! He represents South Beach.  The issue is this: L W Young, the junior high school in the Fox Hill area has lived beyond its physical shelf life.  The Government built that school in the early 1970s to meet the demand for school accommodation from pre fab material and the shelf life was to be twenty years.  The buildings are over forty years or near to it.  Each year, some piece of something is falling off the building, making the buildings increasingly unsafe.  Jerome Fitzgerald, the previous Minister of Education, had left in place a plan to replace the buildings on the L W Young site one by one, and year by year.  The Minister ought to revisit his plans, before there is some catastrophe on that site at L W Young.  The same applies to S C McPherson Junior High School.