Peter Making A Mistake Trying To Save Bank Of The Bahamas

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The Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest and his FNM government appear with the encouragement of their new Board of Directors headed by accountant Wayne Arahana to want to save the Bank of The Bahamas.   The answer they think is pumping more money from the Treasury into the enterprise.  This is a fool’s errand.  The Government should not buy into the mantra that they can save the Bank.  Even if they are able for the time being to stabilize the Bank’s issues by the injection of more capital, by their reckoning 166 million, it will only be a temporary solution.  Standalone Banks have no future.  The proposal left in place by Paul McWeeney to link up with some larger Bank was the best solution.  But every Board and Government gets the idea that they can be the ones to save a dying public enterprise.  Cut your losses.