Jeffery St John Murdered

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jeff_st_Johnbuy viagra unhealthy times;”>It happens all too frequently, search a well-known male personality in The Bahamas found alone, ampoule murdered.  The police call for information leading to the arrest of a suspect.  The lurid details defame and demean the life of  the person, who no matter what things were intrinsic to them, does not deserve to be killed.  That was the story of Thaddeus McDonald, of Harl Taylor, of  Latory Mackey.  This time it’s Jeff St John 64 years old, the fashion designer and late employed at a popular eatery. The date of his death 15th May; they say naked in a bathtub; killed it appears by blunt force trauma; a fire was set to cover the tracks.  The whisper of homosexual murder goes around. Too  often in our country that means the crime will not be solved and if it comes to trial all you have to say is that is what it was and that in the minds of many Bahamians justifies the death.  Women should sympathize with that.  Once all you had to say when you killed a woman was that you discovered her being unfaithful, juries would routinely let you go.  The other observation is that this is the second murder in the area where the perpetrators sought to cover their tracks by setting fire to the premises. The police have appealed for leads. We have a lot of work to in this country of ours, not dissimilar to all countries across the world.