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Last week there was yet another one of these wacky, crazy interventions from the former President of the Court of Appeal Joan Sawyer, a one woman wrecking crew.  She helped to torpedo the women’s equality amendment to the constitution.  She campaigned vigorously for the removal of the PLP with one wacky statement after the next.  Then she attacked Dr. Hubert Minnis who she helped to put in power by saying that his days were numbered.  Now she is back again this time to defend the indefensible, the naming of Sir Roland Symonette, the head of the racist United Bahamian Party regime, that was ousted in 1967 and whose ousting gave her a chance to become what she is in The Bahamas.  According to the Dame, Sir Roland was more than a National Hero.  Why so? Because he loaned his money to people to buy their houses.  Nothing like a slave to praise the master.  What a shame.  Now you see why the Privy Council used to overturn her judgements more than the garbage can by your dogs outside your yard.