John Bostwick Is Guilty

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John Bostwick, convicted felon with father and lawyer Wayne Munroe.

The son of Q C John Henry Bostwick Senior John Jr, the former Senator, who proclaimed his innocence and said that someone had planted the bullets in his bag and the Magistrate didn’t believe him and found him guilty.  Mr. Bostwick vowed to appeal, yet when the appeal came up last week, he abandoned the appeal and as usual had some fatuous explanation which really boiled down to he couldn’t take the chance of the conviction being affirmed and opening himself up to an even harsher penalty.  So we have now a convicted felon at the head of the political movement “We March” and in an atmosphere where the country is concerned about gun crime, he is found guilty of illegal possession of bullets.  Says a lot about these folks, this country and how there is a double rule for FNMs vs PLPs.  Yes there he is proudly guilty and still practicing law and still seeking a career in politics.