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What has happened to KB, Kirkland H. Bodie, the musician, in the last few weeks is very sad.  We thought that this was a great artist motivated by love of culture and of country.  Perhaps he is still but he himself needs to take a chill pill, pause and reflect. The angry rhetoric and unkind words said about Jerome Fitzgerald by him and posted on his Facebook page are not becoming of someone of his stature.  If you take people’s money, and the songs you write seem to be motivated by that rather than pure motives, it is fair comment from someone to draw an adverse conclusion from it.  That is just the way life is.  You can disagree with them and say their conclusions are wrong but it is not accurate to say someone is a coward because he uses the forum he has to deliver his message.  When KB wrote the song about jokey leaders, it was patently offensive and disrespectful beside being untrue.  But that is his forum.   That is his right if that is what he believes.  So why if he can say politicians are jokey can’t they say that he writes for money and money alone particularly when the evidence suggests that this is what has happened?  It’s a called double standard.  You may click here for the full text of what he said posted on his Facebook page on 31st March: