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best viagra times;”>Jerome Fitzgerald, the Minister for Education, did a good work when he stood up in the Parliament and told them that he objected to Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the Opposition, introducing the communication that he did in which he called ministers of the government corrupt.  He said that he would not take it and warned them that it would work both ways.  He was right. The exposes which followed shook the FNM to its core. Michael Pintard, the then Chairman of the FNM, didn’t last the week.  He was gone following the news that he had met with the infamous Bobo and Toogie and it seems helped to coach them with what to say rather than go to the police with the information they alleged.   Dr. Minnis himself is now walking a tight rope after it was revealed that he too met with Toogie.  He claims it was all innocent.  One visit was for Toogie to bring him some fish.  Ok here’s what we think. Ever since the disclosures by Mr. Fitzgerald that the email traffic showed that  Save The Bays was in deep with the FNM, that Save the Bays was not an environmental group, but rather a group dedicated to getting rid of the PLP and funded by Louis Bacon, everyone has been scrambling and running for the hills. No one denies the allegations. They simply say: how did you get the information? The biggest smokescreen artist of all is the lawyer Fred Smith, who has been with his disrespectful and stupid and angry rhetoric on every talk show trying to denigrate Mr. Fitzgerald, the Prime Minister and Fred Mitchell.  Mr. Smith should soon face a disciplinary action for his work as an attorney.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs says that he may have been complicit in knowingly allowing himself to be used to smuggle people back into the United States who were not waited in that country.  Mr. Smith is threatening to sue and in the meantime calling everyone nasty names.  This reminds you of a when you are campaigning.  You go in the yard.  There is a sleepy little pot cake dog in the yard.  He says nothing as you walk in. Then you speak to the owner and you’re finished and as you leave, the pot cake rouses from his sleep and in a great display of noise in front of the owner starts charging at you and barking.  That is what the FNM and Fred Smith and all of them sound like now. Pot cakes.