KB Says He Knows A Corrupt Government But Does He?

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In one of the fast- tongued responses on Facebook, the voluble musician and misguided  campaigner Kirk Bodie, aka  KB, no doubt fresh with his Save The Bays money, the organization that corruptly influenced the election of the FNM government, said that he knows a corrupt government when he sees one.  The problem is the present government that he supports is the most corruptly elected government in the history of the country.  Bought and paid for by two powerful monied interests from abroad.   Mr. Bodie who everyone thought was a true patriot, turns out to be less than forthright.  He never owned up to taking the Save The Bays money, and confessing to the corruption which that organization wrought.  There are many Biblical quotes.  One of them is about taking the mote out of your own eye before dealing with mote of your neighbour.  We say it is yet another example of the adage: when you dig one grave, you dig two.