Fox Hill Workers To Be Fired?

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In its campaign to get at the PLP, the FNM has begun governing with a vengeance.  They gave Elcott Coleby, the Deputy Director of Bahamas Information Services his walking papers last week.  Then the rumours started going around about all the little people who have road side contracts that they are going to take away the contracts.  In Foreign Affairs, anyone connected with the former minister is to be fired on summary notice; this in a ministry now headed by a preacher, a man of God.   In one really silly step, after ordering the political level heads back home (no problem there) a letter was sent from headquarters telling them to turn over the affairs of the office to their Deputies and not to sign anything financial or commit anything on behalf of the Bahamas Government.  Duh! How stupid is that?  It goes without saying that any diplomat overseas is a delegate and while they have the authority to commit the government, they do not unless instructed by home office.  It was yet another insulting thing to do, to essentially accuse people because they are PLPs of tiefing.  How sorry! Then you have the workers at the Fox Hill Community Centre.  What did they ever do?  They haven’t been paid.  The Government is threatening to send them home.  It’s the people’s time alright.