Reece Chipman’s Name All Mixed Up In Phoney Video  

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Sometime during the evening of Thursday 1 June, a video started circulating with two men “inflagrante delicato”, full frontal nudity and in the middle of doing it to one another.  People swore it was the member for Centreville, newly elected. If that had been the case, that would have been shocking that someone could be so indiscreet.  Alas it was all a fake.  Lucky for him and it would be wise if he never said a word about it.  This is a nasty place The Bahamas sometimes and this is a nasty world in these day at times. The next step is the FNM went into overdrive accusing Andrew Burrows who is a producer and may still be Director of News at the Broadcasting Corporation, although the evidence is that he was lately relieved of his programme unceremoniously on ZNS. He is PLP and so on the wrong side. Mr. Burrows made a complaint to the police about it.  The FNM spread the rumours that he had been arrested. All false. It’s all nasty.  It feeds into the rubbish and nastiness that people like Crissy Love, the radio personality fired from ZNS and the Guardian for the nastiness and Omar Archer, the nut case that Fred Smith Q C supports to spew violent hate filled language at PLP politicians. The FNM of course since they were not the object of it but the beneficiaries of the nastiness all thought it was fun and games. But when it happened to Reece Chipman, one of their own, they were all up in arms with righteous indignation.  We don’t feel sorry for any of them.  It could not have happened to a finer bunch of nasty vile people.  It is simply unfortunate that the prejudicial minds of the Bahamian people about gay people and gay sex get caught up in an avalanche of nonsense which adversely affects innocent people.  But hey it’s the people’s time.