Our columnist Kelly Burrows was not happy at all about the treatment received at a private health care facility in Grand Bahama | 17 June 2020

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Our columnist Keely Burrows was not happy at all about the treatment received at a private health care facility in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Here is what he writes after his visit there:

After pondering an experience I went through this morning, I feel the need to share how I was physically attacked by a psychopathic doctor that I had an appointment with this morning, having my vitals done by an assistant, the unprofessional behaviour that I and other patients endured from the foul and lewd language coming from this doctor. Having experienced this behaviour on another visit in the past, I felt enough is enough and I didn’t need to put up with such unprofessional behaviour. On going into see her, the foul language continued, not towards me, seems like she was going through a meltdown. I became very uncomfortable in her presence. I then asked her for my file and told her I didn’t care to continue seeing her. I attempted to get my file, when this beast came from behind her desk and physically attacked me. I am 74 years old and in remission from cancer. Being the gentleman that I am and try to be, I tried my best to ward her off, being taught you never hit a woman. Two of her assistants had to come to my  rescue from her physical attack on me. I have always felt that this individual was bi-polar, but she confirmed that with her behaviour towards me this morning, I must thank the two assistants who came to my rescue.

On leaving her office I went to the Police Station to file a complaint, Two officers accompanied me back to her office and interviewed her in my absence. I must say they  were very professional in carrying out their duties, having this psycho apologize to me, caused me not to proceed with a police charge for assault and battery. I commend. 2404. Corporal Hepburn and 2700 Corporal McDonald.

This particular doctor is a disgrace to the profession of so many fine doctors in our society and should not be able to carry out duties in attending patients. She’s in need of help. I pray that whoever or whatever association she comes under that they  take a serious look at this psychopath who needs treatment in whatever is ailing her. The next person might not use sound judgement as I did, in allowing her to abuse me and it could become a serious matter!!!👍🏽