Our columnist Kelly Burrows was not happy at all about the treatment received at a private health care facility in Grand Bahama | 17 June 2020

Our columnist Keely Burrows was not happy at all about the treatment received at a private health care facility in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Here is what he writes after his visit there: After pondering an experience I went through this morning, I feel the need to share how I was physically attacked by a psychopathic […]


The Tribune reported on 12 September that the Administrator of the Princess Margaret Hospital has been put on administrative leave as of 31 August.  Mary Lightbourne Walker was put on leave they reported because a memo by her leaked to the public which said they were about to charge patients who used the wheelchair service […]


“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of a moral crisis maintained their neutrality.” (Dante)  Today, the Rand Memorial Hospital is no better off than it was when I severely criticized the FNM government in February 2012, four years ago.  At the time, the criticism was directed at the […]

Minister Of State Visits The Community Hospital In Exuma

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Ethric Bowe Talks About How Nasty The Hospital Smells

Princess Margaret should demand her name be removed from that hospital. That hospital looks and smells like a place to go to get sick and die. The Princess Margaret Hospital looks like a health risk to patients, viagra cialis sale employees and visitors. This is a disgrace in 2014. If a public patient needs an […]