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The Tribune reported on 12 September that the Administrator of the Princess Margaret Hospital has been put on administrative leave as of 31 August.  Mary Lightbourne Walker was put on leave they reported because a memo by her leaked to the public which said they were about to charge patients who used the wheelchair service to access dialysis without consultation with the Board.  The reason we post this and show the picture of Dr. Duane Sands with Mrs. Lightbourne Walker in the Tribune photo is the irony of the situation where the Minister himself was caught being less than frank on the witness stand in a corruption trial; he admitted that he gave a contract to a donor to his campaign when he knew that she was being asked to testify against a political opponent in a corruption scandal.  The Minister remains on the job but Mrs. Walker Lightbourne over a leaked letter is off the job for two weeks. The PLP last week called for the dismissal of Dr. Sands. It’s the people’s time.