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20 November 2020

It is now day two since the Progressive Liberal Party laid in Parliament  a writ of summons alleging a 20 million dollar fraud  by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. The Prime Minister has not said a word. The Deputy Prime Minister’s statement was arrogantly dismissive and  missed the point of good governance entirely.

First, the Prime Minister  must be reminded that he has a duty to act when his ministers refuse to take the honourable course. 

There are two appointees of the Prime Minister. Each has different versions of the truth. 

Michael Scott Q.C. has placed in the public domain  by court action, allegations of fraud and dishonesty  against the Minister of Finance. Mr. Scott is the Chairman of the Hotel Corporation and in charge  of the sale of the Grand Lucayan Hotel in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

The second appointee is Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance. Mr Turnquest has said that what Mr. Scott alleges in the writ is false. In other words, the Finance Minister said that lies have been told on him.

How is this resolved in the face of two of the Prime Minister’s appointees  alleging one has told lies on the other?

One of the Prime Minister’s appointees must be telling the truth. 

Both have clear conflicts  between their public duties  and their private affairs.

In our view, before the end of the day they must both act to do the honourable thing which our system demands. If they fail to resign, the Prime Minister must invite their departures forthwith.