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buy viagra pilule times;”>(On His Encounter With Rev. I Ranfurly Brown)

store times;”> kelly_burrows

treat times;”>Dear. Editor. 

On Sunday passed 21/02/2016. I had the pleasure in attending the home going service of Ms. Avis Marina Sands @ 2.30 PM. At the “Historic Cathedral in the south” St Agnes. Where she was a Pillar and Stalwart member; who worshipped with her family faithfully for many years, According to the Rector Reverend I. Ranfurly Brown, whose comprehensive theological discourse was well received, assisted by Father’s. Stephen Davies. Neil Nairn. Canon Warren Rolle. It was a lovely home going service.

To my prodigious chagrin, on leaving after partaking with communion, due to my having to get my flight back to Freeport, there was the Rector outside the Church, chatting with the staff from Restview Funeral Home. In my over 50 years being a practicing Anglican. Being nurtured spiritually in the Church of God of Prophecy, in my formative years, I have never in my opinion seen such blatant disrespect, for the dead, the family, whom he moments earlier spoke so highly about.  Such an act as displayed by the former Archdeacon, causes your belief to be shaken. 

My suggestion to the good Father, being a senior cleric, if you are no longer loyal to your vows, then, move on. 

Kelly D. Burrows.

Freeport Grand Bahama

P.O.Box F42977

Telephone 373 7126