Life From The Perspective Of Sarkis Izmirlian

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Sarkis Izmirlian, generic viagra online Bahamar Developer

salve times;”>The Jamaicans have an expression: “ One hand can’t clap”.  Sarkis Izmirlian was singing that song last week following his meeting with the Prime Minister  Perry Christie on Monday 28th November.  The courts have said that the parties must be seen to negotiating in good faith.  The Government is doing its part and tried to get some agreement with the recalcitrant developer of the ill-fated Bahamar project on Cable Beach.  The Prime Minister pronounced the meeting as excellent.  The developer said while he was willing to work with the parties, he can’t do so if he is the only hand that is clapping.  Bah humbug.  So does that give you confidence that he intends to do anything to help the situation.  Meanwhile the back chat on the golf course of Lyford Cay and in the tea parlours: “ My dear isn’t it a shame how the PLP is stealing Sarkis’ property and colluding with the Chinese.  What a shame?”    That’s the propaganda that has been allowed to seep into the consciousness of the developer’s friends and allies down in the rich ghetto.  What a shame that they haven’t a clue what they are talking about but accepting uncritically the nonsense from that other quarter.