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cialis canada recipe times;”>3rd October:
The writer is the Member of Parliament for Long Island:

clinic times;”>loretta_butler

capsule times;”>Dear Family, Friends and Concerned persons,

Please be advised that we have just completed a planning and relief meeting. This was a first meeting for us to determine an action plan to plot the way forward. Here is what was decided:

There will be a flight deployed tomorrow morning to do an aerial assessment. Our limited information is that airports and much of the island are still flooded. Further, we cannot land until civil aviation gives the green light to do so.

Subsequent flights are lined up once airports are opened to transport water, food and other supplies.

The Fast Ferries and The Island Link have agreed to transport freight and building materials as early as Tuesday, at no cost.
Flat-bed trucks, cranes along with other heavy equipment will be shipped to help with restoration and distribution. Donation centers will be announced.

Bank accounts will be set up at RBC and Scotia Bank.
A Facebook Page expressly for Long Island Hurricane Relief will be set up.

We will ensure that we get some working Satellite phones on the island to establish some communication.

Please help to disseminate this information to others.
Please pray that our efforts will assist those who are in need of our help.