Loretta Is Mixed Up Like Conch Salad

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Instead of shutting up and being quiet, Loretta Butler Turner, the new Leader of the Opposition, keeps digging a deeper hole for herself and won’t stop. She was in the press on Saturday 24 December, the eve of Christ’s birth, defending the appointment of Rodney Moncur.  That appointment of Rodney Moncur is indefensible. No amount of double speaking gobbledegook can excuse the stupidity of the appointment.  She said that we must give Senator Moncur a chance.  She said that she was shocked that while he was openly against the marital rape law, there were those who were on the side of her who were secretly against it.  She wants us to give him A for being honest. The problem is that some of those asps who quietly opposed the marital rape bill and who she now says are worse than Senator Moncur, are still asps in her bosom, even though she now calls them allies. Her Saturday Guardian statement and rationale then cannot justify putting someone in the Senate who is totally unsuited for public office.  Her remarks were published in The Nassau Guardian on Christmas Eve.