Lynden Pindling Centre Sanitized

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Statement from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

On the Covid 19 Procedures

For Immediate Release

19 August 2020

The sanitization of the PLP’s office at Gambier House, the Lynden Pindling Centre, is done. Staff can resume normal working hours.

I wish to thank the party’s Treasurer Paul Bevans and Secretary General Barbara Cartwright for leading the effort. In addition, I thank the professionals: the Delaire Group, Paul Bevans and Tanya Pratt, proprietors.

Now the Government needs to step up to the plate and sanitize the Government owned office of the Leader of the Opposition.

While it almost seems useless in the face of the nonsense by these anti PLP scribes to beat back the lies by the social media crowd including some masquerading as PLPs, the truth is that all protocols have been and are being followed by all PLP officers, public officials and personnel with regard to Covid 19 matters since the diagnosis.

The position of the party is that health matters are private and personal to those individuals. But I must say the stories appearing in social media by these FNM trolls and pretend PLPs are trivializing this matter in this serious time.

I appeal to all PLP’s to stick to official information by the party’s leaders.