Marvin Dames Out Campaigning

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The police are killing one a day these day.  That must be the success that Marvin Dames, the hapless Minister of National Security was talking about when he said that he had plan to lessen crime.  But he obviously has a good lot of time on his hands because a photo appeared on the page of Osano Neely, one of his fans, showing him campaigning in his area over here weekend.  The thing is these FNM politicians think that this will get them somewhere with the electorate.  If that is what causes you to win, then virtually every PLP would have won their seat.  The fact is most voters show from the last election they don’t give a hoot about that.  They buy into lies, slogans and the money you spread just before the vote.  So good luck hoofing it in your Yale shirt.  But you have one term then you’re gone.  Sorry about that.