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“We told the people take the job and vote FNM. The other people told them if they vote FNM they will lose their jobs. We said it’s not so. THE PEOPLE LOSE THE JOB!”

June 7th, 2018.— Frederick McAlpine MP Pineridge

When Frederick McAlpine the rogue FNM MP got up to speak in the House to make his contribution to the debate on the country’s finances, it was perhaps the most anticipated of all the addressees.  While there was some thunder, there was little lightening.  He ended his address on 7 June, by telling the FNM that there was still time to fix the problems they face.  In the course of it, he said he didn’t agree with the Vat increase and found that the gambling tax increase was not acceptable.  But we are not quite sure how he is going vote on the bills when they come for vote.  Reece Chipman who spoke before him stole all the thunder the day before when he said quite simply and plainly that he will not support the tax increases.  We keep saying to these dissident FNMs: you cannot be half pregnant.  Nevertheless, we are grateful that Mr. McAlpine went as far as he did. Clearly, the camp is not a united or happy one.