Michael Pintard Contradicts Minnis

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viagra sales times;”>Description: http://bahamaspress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/MPintard3.pngThe saga of Bobo and Toogie can’t seem to be put to rest.  You will remember that this is the pair of Bain Town Boys, cialis sales ordinary guys, who stiffed two stupid billionaires, fighting over land in Lyford Cay.  They met with Michael Pintard, the disgraced former Chairman of the FNM, who coached them into what to say and did not report to his Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis that he spoke to them.  Dr. Minnis has his own troubles in that department.  He did not disclose that he had met with one of them on at least three occasions and on one of them he was brought some fish.  He, knowing the nefarious shake down in which they were involved, did not call the police.  In not doing so he was following Mr. Pintard’s example. He did not report matters to the police either.  Now here is the reason we are retelling this story.  Mr. Minnis said in his defence in the House that he warned Michael Pintard not to go and see the pair Bobo and Toogie.  He said that Mr. Pintard did not follow his advice and now the problems. That sounds good so let’s clap for that, only trouble Mr. Pintard went on Jeff Lloyd’s radio show last week on Thursday 21 April and said  what Dr. Minnis said was not true.  Uh oh?  The party break up.