Michael Scott Has An Effen Nerve

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According to the man who is running the new old hotel bought by the Government in Grand Bahama, a fellow named Michael Scott, the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis is lost in space and is a hypocrite of Trumpian proportions.  The offence of Mr. Davis was to question why the Government is taking on the cost of laying off people from the hotel ( 150 ) at last count when the idea was to save jobs.  There are some questions which we have to ask Mr. Scott: is cocaine addiction an issue that affects the brain?  Is wife beating a criminal offence?  Just asking.  The point is there is lot ad hominem comments that can be made but let’s stick to policy.  If you disagree with policy fine but the personal stuff lay off.  And speaking of hypocrisy wasn’t Mr. Scott the one who said that Mr. Minnis was not someone he could support to lead the Government and tried to stop him from leading the FNM.  Now he is working for him and doing the Prime Minister’s dirty deeds for him.  Well there it is.