Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Mishandles Bahamians Coming Home

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( Editor’s Note: although this is old news, we print this because it is a sample of how the Government talks to its people during this Covid crisis. They actually think they are running a  military camp and that they are somehow doing us a great big favour.  Lots of dos and don’ts.  The arrival in Nassau was a total disaster.  It showed how hopeless the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in its present incarnation. Insensitive. Hopeless and out of touch with reality. This arrival has caused the FNM so much political damage. They cannot recover from it.




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, as a follow-up to its press release of 6 May, wishes to advise the general public that the first phase of the repatriation of Bahamian nationals and residents from Florida will take place on Friday, 8 May 2020.  Returnees will arrive in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

The Ministry realizes that Bahamians are eager to see their loved ones.  However, all returning nationals and residents, upon arrival, will proceed immediately to the Government-operated quarantine facility for evaluation.  They will remain at the facility until Health Officials are able to determine if it is safe for them to leave.

To this end, members of the public are advised to refrain from visiting the airport to collect family members.  In the interest of public safety, visitors will not be permitted at the quarantine facility.  If family members wish to send packages to their loved ones while they are in quarantine, the items should be delivered to the Ministry of Health in Nassau and Grand Bahama, and they will be delivered to recipients at the quarantine facility.

These protocols have been put in place in the interest of public health and safety, and we ask all persons to comply fully with these measures.  There will be law enforcement personnel at both the airports and the quarantine facilities to ensure there is no breach of these protocols.

The Ministry wishes to thank all persons for their patience, cooperation and compliance with the measures in place at this time.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nassau, Bahamas

8 May 2020