Minnis Agrees To A Convention?

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sildenafil viagra times;”>minnis 

discount cialis rx times;”>Okay so the knives are out again for Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM’s Leader and the Leader of the Opposition.  The gossip got so hot last week that Edison Key, the MP for South  Abaco who is FNM said that he had heard that a minority of MPs wanted to get rid of Mr. Minnis but he Edison key was not a part of it. The talk is that one MP was gathering signatures to go to the Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling to say they no longer had confidence in the Leader of the Opposition.  That would have been unsustainable since the party would still have him as Leader and the FNM MPs would not be able to say that they were FNMs.  That was quickly pointed out them so that put paid to that.  Meanwhile, the UBP faction in the FNM was having a hissy fit because they were trying to get their man Branville McCartney some seats.  Hubert Ingraham who has already decided it appears that he will leave Dr. Minnis alone got two seats for his women, one for Monique Gomez, the other for Heather Hunt, even though he had a falling out with her.  That caused a bit of peace between the factions there.  The UBPs want to get 10 seats for Branville McCartney to come back home. They told him go fly a kite.  Darron Cash scorched the earth with two statements on his Facebook page which made the front pages of the daily press. He said in the first of them that the FNM needed  “a come to Jesus moment”.  The question is where is all of this headed?  It appears that Dr. Minnis has felt the pressure and his spokesman  Michael Pintard, the party Chair said this to The Tribune:

“The leader of the Free National Movement won by a tremendous margin,” Mr. Pintard said. “So for him to engage in discussions about convention in the first year, less than the first year of his administration, would have been nonsensical. So we support him wholeheartedly, the leader’s position there would be no convention (this year).

 “But the leader has also made the point that he would like during his administration to have a full-fledged convention. I would not pre-empt him in giving that date but the leader does not have a problem with convention, but he will make that determination.

 “None of the persons who speak publicly have the capacity to force him to make that decision on their terms. He will make that determination in conjunction with the party (before the next election).” 

The Leader is continuing with his multi constituency meetings and the picture at the top of the page is an example of the latest last week.