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There is no doubt that the Bahamian people were sold a pig in a poke last year when Hubert Minnis and the FNM were swept to power on the lie that the PLP was corrupt. They are trying their best to prove it by hauling PLPs before the courts but that looks mighty uncertain.  To show you how delusional Hubert Minnis is he claims that in the first year he has laid a good foundation for governance.  One year has gone by fast.  He is lost. He has not built one building, done nothing of substance and is only claiming credit on the foundations which were laid by the PLP just before him.  The people of the country keep asking when is this man going to start to govern.  He didn’t even have the courage to have an outdoor rally. He held a closed in door rally on 10 May at FNM HQ. That shows the level of confidence that he has.  He knows the gig is up.  That means the PLP must work like the Dickens because we can tell you that everyone in the FNM will be so desperate to hang onto power that they will try to win by hook and especially by crook.  We must make every effort to stop them and to regain the country for the majority of people in this country, not the special interests.