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At the end of the last year, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who is affectionately known these days as the incompetent authority, briefed his favourite ministers and told them to get ready, he intended to call an election one year and some months early, just after Lent this year. Turns out it was a false alarm.

Yet the country seems to be in a frenetic pace as if the general election will be called any minute. Maybe or maybe not. Dr. Minnis clearly cannot make up his mind. He is going ahead ratifying his candidates.  So far he has dumped Mark Humes, Shonel Ferguson, Brensil Rolle, Lanisha Rolle and Halson Moultrie, all incumbents. The question is how long can he afford to have these people who are bitter about their losing the nominations out there wreaking havoc?

So Lent is gone, the next signal the Prime Minister sent out was that he would do so before the budget.  The budget which is due in May can only bring further grief to the FNM. They will have to borrow nearly 2 billion dollars, unprecedented even for them.  They have so badly mismanaged this economy that they are in deep problems.

The contrary message is however being sent out which is they have 13 months to go in power, why not go for broke and just say “damn the torpedoes”.  What comes, comes.  You say a Hail Mary prayer every night hoping something will break for you to turn the tide.

We remind our intrepid Prime Minister of the saying by the former Finance Minister Carlton Francis: “ You can stand on the beach head of history but you cannot hold back the tide.”

There is no doubt that the majority of the country wants the FNM gone.  There is no doubt that the judgment of history will be that Dr. Minnis is the worst Prime Minister that this country has ever produced: dumb as a jackass and woefully under prepared for the job,

So the guessing game of will he or won’t he goes on.  The PLP should be ready.  As expensive as all of this is, that is the only way to defeat this man.  The PLP must be ready. The donors have to give until it hurts. Time isn’t as long as it used to be. The bell could be rung soon or faraway. But whatever comes, let’s make sure that it’s PLP ALL THE WAY!