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Minnis landing in Peru with protocol officer and Minister of Education in tow

The hypocrisy continues with the FNM and their travel on behalf of the country. Last year they made all the noise in the world because the then Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell travelled around the globe.  By the way that was his job.  Turns out they had no principled objection.  They were simply jealous and wanted to do what he was doing.  This year they have dropped all pretense with the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis travelling to Peru for the annual Summit of the Americas carrying with him a dozen people, ministers plus aides.  Then he jets off to London to get the Right Honourable which his three predecessors had before him as Prime Minister from the Queen.  He will also be there for the Heads of Government meeting of Commonwealth Leaders.  Total delegation 32.  Cost to the Bahamian taxpayer: $200,000 on the rooms alone.  No issue if you are in the service of the country. But it’s the hypocrisy that gets you.