Putting Silly Candia Dames In Her Place

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From The Office Of The Chairman Of The PLP
Responding To Candia Dames’ Claims Of PLP Amnesia
For Immediate Release
11 April 2018

This morning in that tendentious set of commentaries known as the National Review Candia Dames was at it again beating a dead horse, seeking to blame the PLP for everything under the sun. This time she ran a picture of the Leader of the PLP with the headline Convenient Amnesia. The article goes on to rehash the misleading information that the Nassau Guardian parroted about the PLP in the last general election campaign which helped to usher in this useless, incompetent crew that we now have governing us. God forgive them.
Here is a proposition though. When the Nassau Guardian and Candia Dames own up, accept and confess to their ethical lapses then the PLP will own up to amnesia.
Let us remind the public that the Nassau Guardian takes a decidedly soft line in stories about the Minister of National Security, who is the brother of its Managing Editor. The Nassau Guardian has the same owners as Colina, which insurance company administers 100 million dollars on behalf of the Government to insure public service employees. Colina stands to lose that money if the PLP’s plan for National Health Insurance comes into being. It was no surprise then that the Nassau Guardian could not take an objective view of National Health Insurance.
Talk about convenient amnesia.