We Agree With Gilbert Morris On Bombing Syria

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It seems like the hegemonic designs of European powers never stop.  The old empires cannot change their habits.  This time on the dubious pretext that the leader of Syria had used chemical weapons on his own people in that country’s civil war, the U S, Britain and France rained fire and brimstone upon the people of Syria, calling it surgical strikes designed to cripple the ability of the Syrians to use chemical weapons again. We small countries have to say in all of this.  The bigger ones do as they wish.  Isn’t it interesting to draw the parallel between the pressure which these same powers put on us in an economic sense and the war they are waging on Syria?  We have no say either way or you have got to believe that if worse comes to worse they will do the same thing to us that they did to Syria on the night of 13 April. Remember Grenada.  Think about this: the U S is a European outpost, Britain is the motherland and so are the French who helped to foment the U S revolt against the British Empire.  The US was conquered by murdering the local people.  They fought a murderous civil war they say to free the slaves, who they freed but never compensated them for their free labour, and against whose descendants they continue to discriminate.  The Turks who have grabbed another part of Syria are the successors to the Ottoman Empire so they have that grabbing murderous spirit.  The Russians who are propping up the Assad Government in Syria have their eyes only on a seaport for their navy and it looks like that’s on lock.  They are also from the tradition of an empire. The Syrians are targets for the Israelis, the European outpost that was planted in the middle of Arab and Palestinian territory after the Second World War on the pretext that this would prevent another German inspired murder of six million Jews. But speaking of murder, have you watched the TV News programmes as the Israeli state troopers shoot unarmed Palestinians as they protest the occupation of their country by this European outpost.  The U S says nothing, neither Britain, nor France, nor Russia, nor Turkey.  All is well in the world.  Here is the comment posted by Gilbert Morris on his FB page on 14 April.

Gilbert Morris:

This Syrian assault is foolish! What is the pre-text? What objectives can be obtained by them? What is the position toward which it pushes Assad? Is that position sustainable or can Russia unwind it? What if US-UK-French bombs hit Russian assets? What if Russia retaliates?