Minnis Living In A Fairy Tale World

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Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the Free National Movement must be as blind as a bat.  Even Stevie Wonder could see what happened to the VAT money.  The Prime Minister had a lucid and clear explanation of what the law says.  He said that the money by law must go into one fund: the consolidated fund.  It is spent only with the authority of the Parliament which includes Dr. Minnis.  Every cent is accounted for.  Dr. Minnis said that he does not believe the explanation.  What he is engaged in is Donald Trump revisited.  His advisors have told him, forget the truth just say it’s a lie.  That will stick and it will work so they think.  In the meantime, the truth is still trying to catch up.  If you want to know the truth try this site: understandingvat.org