The FNM Bought And Paid For

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Three men can buy FNM Candidates

Sarkis Ismerlian

Louis Bacon

Brent Symonette

Here is the scenario and perhaps the PLP can use it to effect.  Three of the FNM’s candidates were in the employ of Sarkis Ismerlian, the failed developer of Bahamar.  They are Jeffery Lloyd, Dionysio D’Aguilar and Marvin Dames.  Two are in the employ of funds supplied by Louis Bacon, the angry billionaire who says he won’t come back to The Bahamas because he fears for his life, through Fred Smith’s law firm and the fake organization called Save the Bays.  They are Michael Pintard and Adrian Gibson.  So in a sense the FNM is bought and paid for by special interest groups and people. So why would we believe Bent Symonette, net worth 60 million give or take a few, when he says that he has no leadership designs on Hubert Minnis? One of the FNM leaders would have run for the PLP in the last election instead had the PLP paid off his mortgage and other bills. So we know that that person can be bought off. Bottom line in a party where everyone can be bought and sold for a price, what’s to stop us from thinking that they will be bought and sold to give away the country, or that Brent Symonette can use his money to buy his way into the office of Prime Minister?