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The worst Prime Minister in the short history of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas should now be counting his reign in weeks. That he was a shame and disgrace as a public official is an understatement.  As man he has proven to be without substance, character or a moral compass. He has been a complete and utter failure.

This is a sad ending to a man who came to office with such hubris and certainly swagger but more importantly the most potent mandate from the public in a generation. He could amend the constitution with the majority of 35 to 4.  But the party did not last long. Within months, he had dissenters. He fired some and left others to dangle in the wind. They made mincemeat of him.

He is now in a position where for the first time in a generation, he is forced to call a general election eight months before the time. It just could not go on like this.

He came to office telling us that he was a doctor and when the crisis of the pandemic struck, he argued that he was uniquely qualified to lead us because he was a doctor.

That turned out to be a big fat lie. The health care system has collapsed. Nurses are fleeing the jurisdiction. Some are dying.  Hundreds of Bahamas have died from covid in the last month .  There are no beds, no medicines, no vaccines, the case load is getting worse and now he has called a general election. His Minister of Health was accused of public malfeasance and he could not fire him because that was his go to man.  He could not get along with the Speaker of the House.

The only solution: call the general election. We say good riddance to this bad rubbish named Minnis.  It’s Brave’s time.