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Even when he was doing what appeared to be right thing, Hubert Minnis couldn’t get it right.  So he finally got the point that he needed to dissolve Parliament.  All the Prime Ministers before him managed to do that simple act without a hitch.  There was Sir Roland Symonette, Sir Lynden Pindling, Hubert Ingraham, Perry Christie. This one only had to look up the damn files to see how it was done. But no, he got it wrong.  He first had a proclamation read to prorogue the House. That was on Wednesday 18 August 2021. They forgot it appears to include a date for the new session to begin and so the Commissioner had to hoof it down to the House steps one more time and read that the session would reconvene on 22 September 2021.  The next day that was overtaken by the decision to dissolve the Parliament  with the elections on 16 and the  House reconvening on 6 October 2021. They forgot to put that in the proclamation. The Prime Minister then went to the country later that morning to fill in the details.  It all had people including the public officials in a state of confusion. His own members were so shocked by the decision to stop their salaries 8 months before time that they demanded a meeting so he could explain what is rationale was for the decision. Let’s hope this is so long good bye.