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So half the Cabinet led by the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis went down to the Lynden Pindling International Airport to greet the Astra Zeneca vaccine doses as they were taken off the United Airlines flight on Wednesday 10 March 2021.  Looks like a rep for the Indian Government was there.  Dr. Hubert Minnis who had been boasting, hoping and praying for the delivery of these 20,000 vaccines  waved his hands over them.  Let us hope he didn’t jinx them

At the same time as the vaccines were arriving, you had a report that many European countries like Denmark decided to pull the Astra Zeneca vaccine from the shelves because the doses were connected with blood clots. 

The Minister of Health here in The Bahamas announced that the doses were not part of the batch that caused the problem in  Demark.

Nevertheless, we have to take seriously the strong anti-vaccine sentiment in the country which is based on nothing but foolish propaganda.  Stupid old Robert Kennedy who is rich as Croesus and can afford any health care he wishes has been on a crusade to stop people from taking vaccines.

Vaccines have saved the lives of the population of this country so that most of us live long and healthy lives: no smallpox, no polio, not whooping cough, not lock jaw, all diseases that would have killed you 60 years ago as a child.  So this anti-vaccine sentiment is simply stupid.

Bishop Neil Ellis did a video in which he encourages people to take the vaccine as the best way to save lives and protect against this crazy disease that has interrupted our lives.  We need to get back to normal.

We agree. Our problem is this FNM government under Hubert Minnis is trying to use vaccines to  say they have done a good job keeping us safe and alive during the pandemic and then run an election campaign on that false argument.

We say here and now to Dr. Minnis. The vaccine can’t help you. You still gone.