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The nervous ones in the PLP who are walking on eggshells because in various constituencies there is one row or the other about who is going to be candidate should think carefully before they lose it. In the summer of 2016 Loretta Butler Turner, then MP for Long Island, challenged the now Prime Minister for the leadership of the FNM. She lost but not before scorching the earth with the most scathing and bitter comments about Mr. Minnis.  The next year she and the other MPs in Parliament with the exception of Renward Wells and Peter Turnquest went to government house and in a palace coup overthrew Dr. Minnis for the job of Leader of the Opposition. A few months later, Dr Minnis led the FNM to the largest sweep in the recent modern history of The Bahamas.  Let’s remember that. The PLP is going to win the next election. People are simply tried of Hubert Minnis.