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In the past week there have been two front page stories written as headlines in The Punch, the down market rag that specializes in gossip and the personal business of other people. Largely the stories are made up by the publisher of the paper Ivan Johnson who if nothing else has a vivid imagination.  And that is being charitable. So last week there was a story about Philip Davis plotting they say to give the seat of former Minister Obie Wilchcombe to an FNM. The fact is the Leader of the PLP cannot give a nomination to anyone and the seat belongs to no one. The time before that there was another story about the PLP trying to engage in an illegal lottery in Grand Bahama. That story is also false. The question you have to ask yourself is who benefits from these stories?  They form a pattern of well-known conduct which should disqualify those who cooperate with The Punch from serving with the PLP on the front line. These are not friendly acts.  They are friendly fire.