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Terrell Carey the Tribune

Englerston, the only PLP seat, held in Nassau was not invited to the table to talk about community development.  The Prime Minister Hubert Minnie and his supplicants Reece Chipman MP Centreville and the boy wonder Travis Robinson MP Bain and Grants Town, fresh from denying bribe taking, was there and had nothing to say of worth.  Turns out that they promise they will build a community centre, they will build a sports complex, they will relieve taxes on businesses in the area.  How they will do the latter without offending the discrimination clauses in the constitution is beyond us.  But what most PLPs think is that this will finish off the over the hill businesses for good. The Chinese merchants and the Super Value Stores are the biggest net gainers under these schemes.  The land agents will make a killing as land values increase Over- The- Hill.  That said, Mr. Minnis and his supplicants jumped in their cars on Thursday 7 December and sped away into their mansions in Cable Beach, sirens blaring.