Fred Smith Q C—Slime Ball Politics

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Anyone who is not now convinced that Fred Smith Q C is a pretty sick individual should now be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.  This is now time for someone to move under the provisions of the Mental Health Act have him committed to the crazy hill for the political lunacy which he has conducted over the last week.

Mr. Smith showed up at the Immigration Detention Centre, obviously to make a scene and to have it recorded.  The press duly obliged.

He was booted out of the facility because he had no right to be there.  The so called client which he was seeking one Rony Jean was in fact sent back to Haiti on a plane. He was not there. So no client to see. So right to go in.

Mr. Smith stood screaming like a mad man at the gate about he was being prevented from seeing his client.  They should have locked his stupid ass up.

Then he went asking for the international community to help. So the stupid clucks that they are, they went chasing after his mad ravings and started issuing statements. The so claimed client was not in The Bahamas, so what is the offence.

The FNM dominated Bar Association headed by Khalil Parker then went into overdrive, supported by one of the Bostwicks who said that Mr. Smith was being denied some fundamental right, that of not seeing his client. That is a lie. There was no client there to see.

Then you have the talk shows.  Mr. Smith went on a talk show and engaged in his obsession and fascination with Fred Mitchell.  Is this a gay thing or what?  Seems little funny business to us. Every other word out of his mouth is Fred Mitchell this, Fred Mitchell that. What he is going to do with Fred Mitchell.  He claims that he bought the election out in Fox Hill against Mr. Mitchell. Then he claimed that he used voodoo on Mr. Mitchell.  This is all sickness, madness.  This is a man who needs to be put away.

His preoccupation with Fred Mitchell is like one of these little girls in the playground who likes a boy and he won’t give her the time of day so the response is to attack the little boy. Sick and infantile.

Callers on Rodney Moncur’s Talk Show called back and roasted Mr. Smith telling him to carry his stupid ass back to Haiti. They called him a Haitian and said his citizenship should be revoked.  They called him everything but a traitor and told him one day he must stand up for The Bahamas.

The second half of the ventriloquist and dummy pair of Joe Darville and Fred Smith, was out with his expected press release saying how poor Mr. Smith had been abused.

The only abuse here is the abuse of the Courts by a vexatious litigant. How he gets these courts to agree to this nonsense in which he engages is beyond reason.  Mr. Smith belongs not in the open air but put away privately.  It is that bad.

He is an embarrassment not the Bahamian people.  He is an embarrassment not only to himself but also to his family. No one should feel sorry for him

His stock in trade is making money off administrative errors by the state.  He plans to bankrupt The Bahamas. He has said it over and over again. Sandilands maybe too nice a place for him. He really belongs in jail with a long custodial sentence, so perhaps he may come to his senses.