Mitchell Defends Brave

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Statement by Senator Fred Mitchell
Chairman Progressive Liberal Party

On Desmond Banister Apologising For Leaked BPL Audit

For Immediate Release

8 November 2017

The PLP supports the Leader of the PLP the Hon Philip Davis as he defends his integrity in the face of a malicious and false allegation made against him, engineered by the FNM and leaked to The Tribune today.

Mr. Davis is not only entitled to the apology given by the Minister of Works Desmond Bannister but also from The Tribune for the false and malicious allegation. He should pursue a remedy in defamation against the press.

What transpired today is part of a disturbing pattern of FNM behaviour. The pattern has been to parrot false narratives and then say sorry after the damage is done. Sorry is not good enough. They were elected on falsehoods and we now have an incompetent government elected on a false premise.

They said the VAT money was stolen by the PLP. That was false. They said Bahamar was a secret deal. That was false. They said 42 million of hurricane relief money was diverted to the PLP’s re-election campaign. That was false.

Now comes today’s false audit report.

We urge the public to see that falsehoods are a pattern with the FNM. The PLP stands on its record. We do the right thing.