Much Ado About Nothing On Picewell Forbes

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The Nassau Guardian is really an idle newspaper and the Bahamian people just as idle behind them. They published as a major headline a story that said that Picewell Forbes MP wanted special privileges for MPs before their power is turned off for non-payment. The general point was that the principle should be a courtesy extended to all consumers before their lights a cut off. Of course this idle paper and their idle readers went off the deep end, with all the comics getting involved. Mr. Forbes issued a statement on Thursday 25 January.

From Picewell Forbes MP
On Headline About BPL
For Immediate Release

25 January 2018

What idle time the Nassau Guardian has in the midst of this nation’s issues to be wasting time and space on a newspaper story on my remarks about BPL in the House.

No one in their wildest imagination could suggest that I meant or intended a life of privilege for MPs. That is pure mischief on the Guardian’s part.

I continue to argue that there is a courtesy which includes all people when disconnecting the power to someone’s residence. I That is it plain and simple.

The Nassau Guardian should get back to the business of real news like no emergency lights on the strip in Congo Town in my constituency which the Government can’t fix or how workers are being laid off an masse under this FNM Government.

I add these real news items for your paper not fake news:

-Fact that pensioners light being turned off for small amounts owed
-Settlements lights are off in unbelievable numbers
-No bucket truck for BPL staff to do basic repairs
-Staff work are employed at AUTEC, bonefish lodges and boutique hotel; return many times only find electricity off. without consideration of no or very few public announcements
-Poor lighting in public places.. Airport tarmac and parking lots, parks, side streets, school premises et al
– locals with little or no disposable income are being asked to pay for BPL pole installation to get electricity in this very financially challenged community.

That is real news.
Print that.

Don’t use me to sell papers with fake news because your FNM Government isn’t performing like you promised.