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Inigio Zenicazelaya is a comic, he claims, although he has never said anything funny in this life, except his last name, and he works for The Tribune. He hates Fred Mitchell or seems to have an obsession with him, to the point where he tells lies and makes up stories. This is all perhaps motivated by the fact that he came to the PLP and wanted an extortionate amount of money to perform his comedy work and he was turned down, so like all political prostitutes, they turn to the FNM. So the latest in is anti-Fred Mitchell crusade was to say that in  extending condolences to the family of the late Ed Armbrister, the baseball player, Mr. Mitchell told, according to the not so funny comic,  a falsehood. Mr. Mitchell recalled the role of Mr. Armbrister in the Cincinnati Reds winning the World Series in 1975.  The not so funny comic said that the version of the facts as recalled by Mr. Mitchell was incorrect. Mr. Mitchell should stand by his story.  This is the account from Wikipedia on the matter which is exactly as recounted by Mr. Mitchell.  What an idiot and hater this fellow is.  Go sit down ya fool:

In the tenth inning of Game 3 of the 1975 World Series, with Gerónimo on base and nobody out, Armbrister collided with Boston Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk at home plate while starting to run out a sacrifice bunt, leading to a wild throw by Fisk to second base that allowed Gerónimo to reach third base and eventually score the winning run. Home plate umpire Larry Barnett did not make an interference call on Armbrister, a decision which was a source of heated debate after the Reds won the game 6–5.[1][5]